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Providing You With Superior Maintenance! 
Regular maintenance is a vital part of keeping a pool sparkling clean. 
Heres are some services we offer.
Filter Cleaning:​
Filter Cleaning is one of the most overlooked services in the pool industry. Keeping up with your filter cleans is necessary for maintaining healthy crystal clear water. It is recommended that your filters be cleaned every 6 months or as dictated by high pressure. When you sign up for one of our service plans we will automatically keep a log for you to know when its time to clean your filter. 
Sand Filter Sand Changes:
Sand filters need to be broken down at least every 5 years. Every 5 years all the parts inside need to be cleaned, backwash pistons lubricated, as well as all the sand changed to keep healthy crystal clear water.
Salt Cell Cleaning:
Having your salt cell cleaned every 3 months is what is recommended by Aqua Blue Pools and Spas. If you do not clean your salt cell it will get substantial calcium build up and it may not be able to generate any chlorine and your pool could turn green.
Pool Drains:
Draining your pool should be done every 3-5 years depending on the swimming usage. When we drain your pool we will be sure to add start up chemicals back to the pool and balance your water chemistry to insure healthy crystal clear water.
Acid Washes and Chlorine Baths:
Acid Washing is a great way to get your pool looking new again by taking a thin layer of the plaster or pebble off and leaving it clean of any dirt and stains. A chlorine bath is used to kill any stubborn algae prior to performing an acid wash. 
Pool Tile Cleaning:
Overtime due to hard water deposits, you will start to get ugly build up on your tile line. The only way to remove this is to use a specialized treatment using specialized equipment. We use a fine salt media, This is the safest way to remove calcium build up on your tile line. This process will not damage your tile in any way and it will leave it looking brand new!

50% Off First Months Pool Service!

For new customers, you will receive 50% off your first full month of weekly pool service. 

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